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Economic Development

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Opportunity for Economic Development

Due to the impending closure of the Westmoreland Poplar River Coal Mine and the SaskPower Poplar River Power Station by 2030, the Coronach community is looking at other possible business operations that could set up in the area in order to keep the community alive and active.  The surrounding communities will also be affected.  The communities are looking at ways  to diversify their economic activities in order to maintain the community with the wonderful amenities that service the area .  There are many small businesses that operate in the region – a Health Centre, a school, a local pharmacy and grocery store and a Sportsplex.  The natural surroundings in the area are amazing, so the goal is to see what other avenues there are in the region that can be developed to bring in revenue so families do not have to leave to find employment elsewhere.

Any ideas for developing other businesses in the region are welcomed and the Town is actively working with the Provincial and Federal Governments who are helping fund a socio-economic study to see about other possible revenue options.

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