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Call out to prevent Red Garbage Bin abuse

Call out to prevent Red Garbage Bin abuse

We have been finding that the Town’s and business’s large red garbage bins are being abused.  These bins are not to be used for town resident’s and non-town resident’s large garbage that should be taken to the landfill/transfer station and paid to be disposed of correctly. The misuse and abuse of garbage like construction and demolition materials, old tires and barbeques, yard clean up material should be taken to the landfill/transfer station and the owner should be the person paying for it’s disposal – not the taxpayer. 

We understand that do have higher costs at the landfill since closing the dumping option as we are paying for the garbage to be taken to Assiniboia in lieu of having our staff manage and move and bury garbage under the Ministry’s of the Environment’s governance.  To reduce and prevent further abuse of these red bins in town, at the housing locations, at businesses and at our facilities will be closely monitored and we will be watching for illegal dumping.  If you see illegal dumping in town or in the surrounding areas that impact our neighbours and water sources – you can help the Town by contacting the TIP line at 1-800-567-4224

I will be in touch with business owners and the users of the red bins to arrange for lid replacement, and chains and or locks if needed as we will need to improve our security and expense for these bins. 


This Illegal dumping sheet is brought to you by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

Telephone: 1-800-567-4224 (toll free in North America)
or 306-787-2584
Email: centre.inquiry@gov.sk.ca
Report Unlawful Disposal: TIPP Line 1-800-667-7561

Catherine MacKay-Wilson, Town Administrator

Contact the Town office if you have questionsphone: 306-267-2150


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