Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Smoke Alarms – Provincial Regulations update!

The Building Code Regulations (the BCR) require carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms (or combination carbon monoxide-smoke alarms) be installed in all residential buildings in Saskatchewan, regardless of the date the building was constructed.

Enforcement will begin after July 1, 2022, so you can have time to research, purchase and install these alarms in your residence.









Location and Installation of Alarms

All alarms should be installed, tested and replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Alarms may need to be installed in additional areas in residential buildings as required by the amended Regulations depending on:

  • Your building’s layout;
  • The type of alarm(s) currently installed in the residence; and
  • The location and type of fuel-burning appliance(s) found in the building.

Building and Technical Standards developed three advisories: one for residential homeowners; one for owners of multi-unit residential buildings such as condominiums, apartments, motels and hotels; and one for care home operators. The advisories:

  • Describe where alarms should be located as required by the BCR; and
  • Provide a diagram illustrating locations where alarms are required.