Downtown Coronach Renewal Phase 1 update March 2023


The Town of Coronach has received $7,089,000 in funding to support the renewal of our downtown over the next two years, through replacement and rehabilitation of water lines, sewer lines, roadway, and sidewalk infrastructure. Phase 1 of the project consists of the following initiatives:

  • Replacement of the 1964 water and sewer lines on Centre Street and South Avenue.
  • Replacement of the water line on 1st Avenue from the Community Hall to the Post Office to improve water pressure and isolation for maintenance.
  • All water valves will be replaced on 1st Street East and 1st Street West, as well as on 1st Avenue East at 2nd Street East, on Centre Street and South Avenue from 1st Street East to 1st Street West.
  • Drainage improvements for storm water runoff.
  • New water line connection from the Water Treatment Plant to the potable water distribution system.

Phase 1 work is scheduled to start May 1st, 2023. The design of the surface work (Phase 2) will take place throughout 2023 and construction will take place in summer 2024.  There will be a minimum of 7 days’ notice given to property owners via the Voyent Alert App.  If you do not have this app or a smart phone to receive alerts, please visit the office to be set up for phone calls to your home phone.


  • We are committed to asking and answering questions, listening, understanding concerns, and developing mitigations.
  • Clear, consistent, and timely communication will keep all members of the community in the know throughout the project.
  • Minimizing disruption. We will work with landowners, businesses and the community to minimize disruption in service throughout the duration of the project. Construction schedules will be managed to help avoid repeat disruptions to the same area.
  • Maintaining access. Ensuring access to businesses and the community are maintained throughout work, as much as possible.
  • We are committed to ensuring safe working conditions for workers, the public and the environment.


Preparation Step 1: 

All properties in this IMPACT AREA (circular highlighted area on color map) will need an outdoor tap connection to ensure you can be hooked to water supply in the periods of water shut off and or restriction due to the construction.  The new water line and sewer line replacement construction will be within the black dash area, but the area in the circle on the map above will be impacted by water shut offs during valve installations and during construction.

If you do not have an existing outdoor tap, the Town of Coronach will be paying for these taps to be installed with grant funding as part of the requirements for businesses and residents in this area.

  1. Please contact the Town office to notify us that you require an outdoor tap installed and we will give you a PO# to give to your plumber that must be on the invoice.
  2. Have the invoice for outdoor tap installation sent to the Town office for payment.

Preparation Step 2:

Get Connected to Voyent Alert! This will be the method of communication on planned shut offs, water restrictions, and Precautionary Drinking Water Advisories during construction.  If you don’t have a smart phone or computer, the Town Office can set up a phone call to your land line to keep you informed on any alerts.  Voyent Alert is an app on your smart phone, or you can sign up at

Town Staff and Council, Wyatt Engineering, Colliers Project Leaders and GEE BEE Construction will have a kickoff meeting with the Project Team in April 2023.  We will send direct mail to impacted residents and Voyent alerts with a more specific timeline following that meeting.