Faith Luthern Church for Sale By Tender

For Sale by Tender


Faith Lutheran Church:

321 Centre St.

Coronach, SK.  S0H 0Z0

Property:   Lot 5, Block 13, Plan CX1025

58 x 24 Main Building                     1392 Square Feet

14 x 10  Main Entrance                     140 Square Feet

27 x 27 Addition                                729 Square Feet

6 x 6       Porch                                        36 Square Feet              Total:  2297 Square Feet

Flooring:  Wood on cement footings and pillars

Heating:  Natural Gas Furnace

Roofing:  Metal

This building was built in 1957 and has been properly maintained over the years and in very good condition.  The building is currently vacant.  The Board is accepting tenders for the sale of the building and property up to January 31, 2023.  Highest or any not necessarily accepted.

Submit tenders in a sealed  envelope marked “Church Tender” and mail to:

Faith Lurcheran Church

PO Box 510

Coronach, SK.  S0H 0Z0

For more information or viewing contact:

Doug Seidel:  306-267-3320  or  David Beck 306-265-7107

Note pews have been removed.