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March 11th 2021 – Water update 1pm

March 11th 2021 – Water update 1pm

As the day progresses, we believe the water restrictions and DO NOT USE Advisory will continue until tomorrow morning (Friday March 12th, 2021).   Please continue to follow the DO NOT USE instructions until we have Water Security’s notice that the restrictions are lifted. We need to make water overnight to supply you for your own flush and then your regular use. 

The Water filling truck will stay in town until 6pm tonight. 

We are preparing information for all properties for flushing the lines in your home and/or business in Partnership with Public Health.  We will work with the School and Health Centre first to get them online and safe as high volume users and high priority locations, and then we will give you a time to start.    We will also put instructions in all mailboxes, we will post here on the town website and we will put up posters.  If you have someone that you know will need a phone call, other than businesses who are on a call list, please call the office.   

Please, if you are able to check on your neighbors that may not receive their mail on Friday morning, or if they do not have access to online information – let the town office know a phone number to reach them at with this update tomorrow.  Town Office 306-267-2150

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