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March 11th – Water Update 9:00 am

March 11th – Water Update 9:00 am

Update March 11, 9:00 am

Please continue to follow the instructions on the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory Instructions.  We cannot stress how important it is that you limit your use of any water, as per the DO NOT USE advisory as while we flush we have to monitor the Lift station and the Water Treatment Plant for levels.  It is important for the crew to have all water available to do line flushing today to finish flushing all the lines in the west end.  We are on schedule to reach the poinht where there DO NOT USE advisory can be lifted on Friday, as long as we an make enough water.  

Once the flushing is complete, and Water Security and Public Health have been notified, ONCE THEY GIVE US THE GO AHEAD APPROVAL – we will be able to let you flush the lines in your house/business. 

We have to be careful not to flush all the homes lines at once, or for too long so we are asking that -*ONCE THE TOWN RECEIVES THE GO AHEAD* that you only flush the taps in your homes for under ten minutes until the water runs cold.  After you have flushed your own lines, you can use your showers and baths but we ask that laundry is held off until Saturday where possible to make sure the lift station can process the flushed water from all 320 properties over the next 3 days. 

Please be careful while driving as the hydrant flushing will lead to wet streets and the weather will likely create icy sections of streets.  We will do everything we can to prevent icy areas, but we will also be working as quickly as possible to get this flushing complete to get the water back online. 

We have set up a drive through filling station at the Sportsplex parking lot. This is set up for you to fill jugs or water bottles at the Sportsplex. This is NOT for Drinking Water. Potable water from the OASIS on Wheels Truck, a the licensed carrier, can be used for cooking and hygienic purpose.  This truck will be available until Thursday March 11th, at the Sportsplex parking lot, daily from 8am to 6pm.  If the hydrant line flushing is delayed, we will hire this truck for another day.  We realized yesterday with the weather and the dark, that 6 pm will be the close time. 

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