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March 12th 2021, Precautionary Do Not Use Advisory has been lifted.

March 12th 2021, Precautionary Do Not Use Advisory has been lifted.

The Precautionary Drinking Water DO NOT USE Advisory has been lifted. 

Please be aware that if all of the town flushes their lines at once, we could face a depressuization of the distribution system which would results in the Water Security Agency placing us under another Precautionary Drinking water advisory immediately and this would require multiple tests and several days to restore service. 

The Town Foreman and Administrator are requesting that we phase in the flushing to prevent this from happening, in consultation with Water Security Agency. 

The Business District,  School and Health Centre can flush immediately – This included 1st Street East, Centre Street, 1st Street West and 1st Avenue East and West properties.

East of 1st Street East can begin flushing at 11 am

West of 1st Street West can begin flushing at 1pm.  

Please follow the instructions in the attachment, which will also be in your mailboxes, before using R.O. systems, water softeners or water processing appliances like refrigerator filter systems for water dispensing. Procedures for Flushing Water Systems After a PDWA

Businesses will receive instruction packages this morning and we recommend that you keep notes on your flushing process on this document and keep this paperwork on file for your records. 


Please delay any non essential laundry, washing or water use until Monday March 15th to conserve water and prevent a system depressurization. 



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