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March 9 2021 Water Update 9:00am

March 9 2021 Water Update 9:00am

As we work through our ongoing DO NOT USE WATER Advisory, please continue to follow the instructions on the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory Instructions. 

We have set up a drive through filling station at the Sportsplex parking lot. This is set up for you to fill jugs or water bottles at the Sportsplex. This is NOT for Drinking Water. Potable water from the OASIS on Wheels Truck, a the licensed carrier, can be used for cooking and hygienic purpose.  This truck will be available from 9am to 8pm.  If there is a need for refilling, the time will be posted at the sportsplex filling station. 

We have a non-potable water that can be used for flushing toilets and this water, per conversation with Sask Health Authority can be treated with bleach 1 oz. per gallon for 2 minutes and used for washing dishes and washing hands.  This non-potable is not to be used for any consumption, any hygienic actions, or for cooking. 

The Southland Co-op team has received cases of bottled water for drinking water.  Coronach Mini-Mart also has Bottled Water for Drinking Water.

We have flushed the full water plant volume completely one time, and are flushing this 140,000 gallons again today.  Hydrant and line flushing will happen tomorrow and Thursday and we hope to be able to give access to water and that the DO NOT USE order will be lifted by Friday.  The reason this takes time is dependent on the incoming water and processing times.  We have complete trust in our operators and are very grateful for their long hours on this flushing process.

The water records show that water used in town on Sunday March 7th and Monday March 8th before the notice was posted was only from the Water tower, and not from the water reservoirs that were potentially contaminated. 





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