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Palliser Library Actions for COVID-19 for the Coronach Library.

Palliser Library Actions for COVID-19 for the Coronach Library.

COVID – 19 and the Palliser Response

  1. Effective March 17thst, the entire Palliser Regional Library System will be closed to the public until further notice. This is in accordance with the closure by the Saskatchewan government of all the schools in the Province.
  2. Who can close my Library?  An Order from Sask Health Authority,  The Provincial Government,  your Municipality or from Palliser management.
  3. Who can give me a back-to-work order?  Palliser Management ONLY  (not your board, not your town).RE-Opening your branch without permission of the director will lead to instant dismissal.
  4. What are My local obligations?
    1. Keep Palliser informed about the conditions in your community
    2. Keep Palliser informed about the health status of you and your staff
    3. Report to your manager daily via text, by 12:00 P.M. daily[1]
    4. Keep your council informed as to what is happening and why.
    5. Keep public informed as to what is happening and why using posters and Facebook, twitter, and any other means that you have at your disposal.
    6. Keep high traffic areas such as door handles, mouse, mouse pads, keyboards disinfected
    7. Post hand washing and other government posters in t he branch.
    8. Purchase gloves, masks and sanitizing disinfectants.
    9. Inform patrons that all Holds have been suspended until we can start to move materials safely again.
  1. Items that should be withdrawn from lending/in library use immediately
    1. Toys (Are you sanitizing them after every usage?)
    2. Games, Puzzles, cake pans, art, pedometers etc.
  1. Courier and Rotating Blocks
  1. Interagency Courier cancelled as of March 16 2020 for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  2. Rotating blocks already cancelled as of March 3rd  
  3. Unpacking received materials
  • Use either good latex/vinyl gloves when unpacking the bins and your own drop box


  • WASH YOU HANDS IMMEDIATELY after you have finished as per the handwashing directions issues by Health Canada
  1. Payroll
    1. Staff will receive regular pay from Palliser until April 10th 2020 plus stat pay for Easter.
    2. After that date, Staff will continue to be paid (normal hours) as per Article 21 Sick Leave Provisions in the Collective Agreement. If you have exhausted your sick time, your options are to use vacation time or to go on E.I. Please talk to Wanda (306-693-3669)
  2. HOLDS
    1. – All holds are suspended and no additional holds can be placed as of March 16th. This will be reviewed and probably extended beyond April 14th 2020
  3. FINES
    1. No fines will be charged as of Friday the 13 March for the duration of the closure
    2. Fine forgives is recommended
    3. Palliser is extending the loan period to 6 weeks.

[1] We are trying to set up a safety net for those living alone or are isolated and might need help.

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