Tax Notices 2022

On June 20th, 2022 at a Special meeting of Council, the Town Council passed Bylaw 3.2022 Tax Rates, Incentives & Penalties for 2022 – signed sealed.  The Mill Rate was reduced from 14.5 to 14.25, and the Mill Rate Factor for Commercial properties was reduced to 1.125.  Education Property Tax Mill rates can be found here.

Tax notices will be mailed June 29th, 2022.  The discount on Municipal taxes of 6% is available until July 31st, 2022. (Note:  there is no discount on the Education property Tax portion of your levy)

Taxes in Coronach are due in full by December 31st, 2022 or they are subject to an 8% interest rate on January 1st, 2022.

If you have questions, please call the Town office at 306-267-2150