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Outdoor Watering Schedule Reminder:

The Town of Coronach has set Outdoor Watering times between 6am and 9am and 6 pm to 9pm on your odd or even days of the month.  

The Utility Bylaw 10.2018 states:


11.1           This Bylaw restricts the use of water for outdoor watering to the time period of 6 am to 9am and 6 pm to 9pm.

11.2          Residents with address/house numbers ending in an even number will be permitted to water outdoor areas on calendar days that are even.  Residents with address/house numbers ending in odd numbers will be permitted to water outdoor areas on calendar days that are odd.

11.3           Special permission can be requested from Town Council for new sod or seeded areas by writing to Town Council in advance of the next scheduled Town Council meeting on the second Tuesday of each month.


Why do we do ask you to refrain from watering during the day?  So that we can build supply during the day to prepare for the next day’s demands.  Also, it’s healthier for your lawn to be watered in the morning or early evening to reduce evaporation and give your lawn and plants deep roots for longer lives and better results.    

Save the attachment for these Greenwise watering guidelines as a handy reference during the hot, dry days of summer to save your money on watering and to get the best results:     

  • For best results, water your lawn thoroughly three times a week if we do not get significant rainfall. Use these Greenwise watering guidelines as a handy reference for watering
  • Morning, around 6 to 9 a.m. is the best time to water. Watering during the hottest part of the day lets up to 80% of the water you pay for to evaporate.
  • The rule of thumb for lawns is to water one-inch deep each time you water. It’s better for the lawn to water heavily and less frequently, than to lightly mist it every day.
  • Use a rain gauge to make measuring an inch of water easy. If you don’t have a rain gauge, place a tuna can (or similarly sized vessel) in your yard as you water. When the can is full, you’ve watered enough!
  • Pay special attention to high-sun areas of the lawn.
  • Don’t forget that even mature trees need water, too.

The Town Council has reviewed expenses for operating the landfill and adjusted the prices for Shingles and large furniture items that take more space in the bin and/or weigh more in an effort to reduce the demands on the tax levy.  We will be collecting Fluorescent Light tubes in a pilot program to reduce your fees also, there will be no charge for Fluorescent light tubes at this time, but they must NOT be taped together when they are delivered to the landfill. 

 Here are the new prices for the landfill:

Please see the bylaws section of the website for the updated Bylaw 6.2019 for more information. Information available at the Town Office. 


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