Municipal Services


The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the senior staff person and head of administration at the Town of Coronach. The CAO is accountable to the Council. The administration office is responsible for providing leadership in the development, implementation and administration of all council approved policies, programs and responsibilities.

Town Office
212 1st Street East, PO Box 90
Coronach, SK S0H 0Z0

Hours of Operation
Mon, Tue, Thur: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Wed & Fri: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

  • Garbage & Recycling

    The town provides bi-weekly garbage/recycling pickup and removal for residents and businesses.  Please place your roll out bin on the street before 7 am to ensure collection.   Please check this poster for what to put in your blue bin Single Stream Recycling Items

    2024 Loraas Calendar Residential

  • Utility E-Billing

    Sign up to receive your utility bill by email. E-Billing Sign Up Form

    Annual Water Works Financial Report is here

    Annual Notice to Consumers is here for Water testing results (i.e. water hardness, mineral levels, etc.)

  • Mail Service

    A Canada Post Office is located in the community at 1st Avenue West.

  • Electricity

    SaskPower and SaskEnergy are our primary utility services providers.

  • Telecommunication

    A variety of telecommunication providers are available such as SaskTel, Wood River Controls and Access Communication.

  • Coronach Cemetary

    Coronach Cemetery information is available from the Town Office. We can supply maps to assist in locating a gravesite or visit for information on headstones and links to obituaries.

  • AED Machine Locations

    A complete list of pulbic access AED machine’s can be found here. 

Service Rates

Water Rates

  • Charges for Water: $38.50/ month/13.3 Cubic meters/month
  • Over 40 cubic meters in 3 month period: $2.20/Cubic meter
  • Bulk water for storage tanks cost: $5.49/Cubic meter
  • 1 Cubic Meter = 219.969 Imperial gallons

Sewer Rates

  • Charges for Sewer: $18.50/13.3 Cubic meters/ month
  • Over 40 cubic meters in 3 month period: $0.75/Cubic meter*
  • *All Overages for Sewer charges are based on Water Meter Readings.
  • 1 Cubic Meter = 219.969 Imperial gallons

Additional Services