Coronach Landfill/Transfer Station


Coronach Landfill/Transfer Station and Grain Bag Collection Site
Poplar River Mine Rd, Coronach, SK S0H 0Z0
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Did you know? Grain bag recycling is now available at Coronach Landfill/Transfer station

Rolled grain bags can be dropped off, free of charge, at Coronach Landfill/Transfer Station and Grain Bag Collection Site. Please call ahead for site conditions or if any assistance is required to unload.

We will receive Grain Bags on all operating days as noted on schedule below.

Grain bags must be rolled and secured with twine prior to drop off. This will ensure a smooth drop off process, keeps contamination to a minimum and maximizes the recyclability of the material.

Visit to learn more about how to properly prepare your grain bags for recycling and more news about this program.

RM of Hart Butte, NO. 11 is providing a household bin for RESIDENTS OF RM OF HART BUTTE NO. 11 only please note that this is for RM Residents Household waste only $2/bag or $20/half tonne truck. **ID may be required.

Looking to recycle pesticides, toxics, corrosives, flammable liquids (including gasoline), and physically hazardous products? Follow this link to Product Care Recycling for Hazardous Waste. You can search your closest drop off centre here.

Looking to recycle alkaline/single use batteries, or rechargeable batteries including mobility batteries? The Town Office does accept household batteries for recycling as well. Click here to find your closest drop off centre.

Looking to recycle electronics? Click here to find your nearest drop off depot

Landfill Hours

Operating Limitations due to weather:

The Landfill will be closed in the following weather related circumstances to ensure the safety of the Transfer Station Attendant when:

a. The outdoor temperature is colder than -20°C (plus wind chill)
b. The outdoor temperature is higher than 26°C and/or the reported
humidex is higher than 38; or,
c. There has been more than 30 mm precipitation in the 24 hours in advance
of the scheduled open hours, whether rain or snow.

Winter Hours:
October 1st to April 30
Thursday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Summer Hours:
May 1st to September 30
Tuesday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Thursday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Landfill Fee Schedule

This Fee Schedule is an excerpt from Bylaw 3.2023. Under the Bylaw, all Fees are at the discretion of the Landfill Contractor at the time of entry to the landfill.

Scrap Metal Area, Large item and RM bins are marked.

Please Respect the Clean Wood Rules: Only Clean leaves, grass and garden clippings and non-treated/ non-painted wood are permitted as per the Transfer Station Permit from the Ministry of the Environment.

  • Furniture
    $20 / piece
    Recliners, Children’s Furniture, Coffee Tables
  • Furniture
    $30 / piece
    Couches, Mattresses, Box Springs, Large Items
  • Demolition or Mixed Construction Materials
    • In a Half Ton Truck or Utility Trailer  – $100
    • In a Half Ton Truck/Utility Trailer with Sides – $150
    • In a One Ton Truck – $200
    • 3 Ton Truck – $500
  • Small Appliances
    $10 / piece
    Fans, Leaf Blowers, Sewing Machines, Coffee Makers, non-metal Sinks, Toilets, Water Dispensers, Water Coolers tagged Freon Free, Vacuums, Air Cleaners, Deep Fryers, etc.
  • Large Appliances
    $25 / piece
    Water Softeners
  • All Other Metal Appliances
    Range Hoods, Microwaves, Convection Ovens, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters, Furnaces, BBQ’s
  • Fluorescent Tubes
    complete, unbroken, no tape (4ft or 8ft accepted)

    Please bring to the Town Office (212 1st Street East) to dispose of during regular office hours. There is a barrel behind the Town Office for disposal.

  • Refrigeration Appliances
    $30 / piece
    Must be tagged Freon Free – Fridges, Freezers, Air Conditioners
  • Scrap Metals
    to be placed on the ground in Marked Metal Area
  • Trees, branches, garden waste
    Must be in paper or compostable bags
  • Untreated & unpainted wood products
  • Compost/garden waste
    $20 each
    in non-compostable bags