Our downtown is the heart and culture of Coronach. What happens in and around downtown has a direct impact on everyone who visits, lives and works in Coronach.

This page will be the hub for all information throughout the Downtown Coronach Renewal project, from concept design through to the completion of construction.

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Upon receipt of the tenders for the underground portion of the work (Phase one), the costs of the first phase are going to be 40-50% higher than the original estimates and we predict the same will happen for paving and sidewalk renewal in Phase 2.  Due to the increasing cost of materials and fuel for construction in 2022 and projected into 2023, Council has reviewed the scope of work and the priorities of the project.  After long discussion, we have determined to scale back the project to stay within the grant funding to minimize any tax costs to the residents and businesses.  This will result in underground construction starting in April-May 2023.

Council resolved that the Water, Sewer and surfacing infrastructure replacement scope of work be reduced in size to include the following:

  1. All water control valves in the original work area will be replaced.  This means on 1st Street East and 1st Street West there will not be full line replacements of water and sewer, and sections of surface replacement where these valves are replaced. This includes:
  2. South Avenue from 1st Street East to 1st Street West,
  3. Centre Street from Railway to South Avenue,
  4. 1st Street East from Railway to South Avenue
  5. 1st Street West from Railway to South Avenue
  6. Intersections on 1st Avenue at 1st Street East and 1st Street West.
  7. Water & sewer mains and service connections will be replaced up to the property lines on Centre Street from Railway Avenue to South Avenue. Angle parking will be maintained on the north half of Centre Street.  On the south half of Centre Street there will be a section of angle parking at CR Plumbing to Rustic Tavern for business services and the rest of the street will be parallel parking along the remaining sidewalks with an increase in green space along the south section of the street.
  8. Water, Sewer mains and service connections will be replacing up to the property line for connections from South Avenue from 1st Street West to 1st Street East. This section of South Avenue will have narrower pavement and green space will be added on both sides of street.  The Town Council has no intention to increase or change property lines when the grass and or trees are added in this section when the road is narrowed.
  9. 1st Avenue (for one block on either side of Centre Street) will have a directionally bored water line addition that will connect to the services on 1st Avenue East. This will improve water flow and control for any water line works in the future to reduce control areas for line repairs.
  10. A storm water management system is to be installed to move storm water through a drain basin and culvert system away from residents towards the low area that is west of the ball diamonds where water can flow to the low-level crossing.
  11. The main service water line from the water treatment plant to the south end of 1st Street East (by Golf Course) will be replaced by directional boring. There will be some excavation at the Water Treatment Plant and we will continue working with Dennis Hicks on planning and specific locations as soon as we have our contractor on board.
  12. Light standards on Centre Street will be replaced in the process of new sidewalks


The Town of Coronach has received $5.9 million in funding to support the renewal of our downtown over the next two years, through the following initiatives:

  • Replacement of the 1964 water and sewer lines
  • Drainage improvements
  • Street paving
  • New sidewalks
  • Modifications to the Main Street cross-section
  • Accessibility improvements to businesses

The funding for these improvements alleviates a future tax burden for the local community, will stimulate business retention and support the expansion of our economy.

This work also provides an opportunity to enhance the aesthetic appeal within downtown in a time and cost-effective manner. The following beautification improvements will also be considered as a way to help retain and attract more businesses downtown:

  • Green spaces
  • Trees
  • Planters
  • Benches

All underground work will be completed in Summer 2023. The design of the surface work will take place throughout 2023 and construction will take place in summer 2024. Please see the detailed timeline below. Note that these timelines have changed since the project was originally announced.



  • We are committed to asking and answering questions, listening, understanding concerns and developing mitigations.
  • Clear, consistent and timely communication will keep all members of the community in the know throughout the project.
  • Minimizing disruption. We will work with landowners, businesses and the community to minimize disruption in service throughout the duration of the project. Construction schedules will be managed to help avoid repeat disruptions to the same area.
  • Maintaining access. Ensuring access to businesses and the community are maintained throughout work, as much as possible.
  • We are committed to ensuring safe working conditions for workers, the public and the environment.



  • On Thursday, January 13, 2022, the Town hosted a Community Engagement Session in the Curling Rink lobby from 6-8 p.m.
  • On Monday, January 17, 2022, the Town hosted a Stakeholders Engagement Session in the Rustic Tavern from 6-8 p.m.
  • Approximately 30 people attended the two events.The purpose of the events were to:
    1. Share additional information with the community about the infrastructure upgrades
    2. Collect feedback on preliminary design options for Main Street
    3. Answer questions
    4. Discuss and understand opportunities, constraints, impacts and outcomes


    View the information boards shared at the Community Engagement Sessions HERE.

    Summary of feedback we received can be found HERE.


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