New Business in Coronach – Big Muddy Heritage Consulting

Join us in celebrating Economic Development Week by welcoming a new business to our community!

Say hello to Big Muddy Heritage Consulting!

Big Muddy Heritage Consulting Ltd. (BMHC) is an archaeological, historic, and heritage resources consulting firm based in Saskatchewan, and offering services throughout western Canada.  BMHC works with industrial proponents, government agencies, and Indigenous communities to meet requirements of Provincial, Territorial, and Federal regulations regarding the identification, assessment, protection, and investigation of heritage resources including archaeological and historic sites. At Big Muddy Heritage Consulting, we have the expertise and means to complete heritage resources projects throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. We do this by providing comprehensive consulting services focusing on historical and archaeological impact assessments that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

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Located at 127 Centre Street