Voyent-Alert – Primary Notification System for the Town of Coronach

The Town will be using this for our primary method to notify residents and visitors of any critical events.  If you have tenants, please ensure they are informed of this easy to use app or registration system.  We can provide posters at the Town office for your business or rental space upon request.

Register to receive critical information from Town of Coronach, so you can make the best decisions possible for you and your family in order to stay safe and informed during an emergency or critical event. The Voyent Alert! service is FREE, easy to use and anonymous.

Choose how you want to stay informed. Receive emergency alerts or day-to-day notifications from the Town of Coronach via Voyent Alert! mobile app, text/SMS, email or voice calling to a landline. To ensure you are being reached during a crisis, we recommend registering for at least two of the channels. Register here: Voyent-Alert.com

Register now: Town of Coronach Voyent Registration