Thank you to everyone who participated in the Reimagining the Reservoir Project! View a summary of the Final Master Plan below and see how you can be involved in the future of the dam.

The Town of Coronach and RM of Hart Butte No. 11 are excited to announce the completion of “Reimagining the Reservoir”, an engagement program that along with an Economic Analysis, supported the development of a Master Plan for a tourism-oriented development within ~50 acres of land and waterfront, which included the existing Poplar River Community Park.

The project, explored future opportunities for the existing campground at the reservoir (“the dam”), in alignment with the region’s Economic Action Plan as well as the Town of Coronach’s Economic Transition Project.

A Steering Committee made up of individuals from the Poplar River Community Park, the Town of Coronach, the RM of Hart Butte and the South Saskatchewan Regional Economic Partnership (SSREP), worked with a team of consultants to prepare a Master Plan and Economic Analysis for the site, which is now complete.

Project Objectives

  1. Determine and provide the necessary infrastructure to support enhancements, including water, sanitary, power, etc.
  2. Explore opportunities for year-round accommodation and use.
  3. Explore opportunities for the currently vacant portions of the site.
  4. Create a more visitor and user-friendly site through improved services, amenities and wayfinding.
  5. Include more trees within the site.
  6. Explore the opportunity to create a marina with rental options.

Final Plan & Next Steps

The Town of Coronach and R.M. of Hart Butte were committed to ensuring key stakeholders and community members were provided multiple opportunities to participate in Reimagining the Reservoir. A survey and information session in the community were conducted to get community members input which was used for the creation of the draft and final reports.

To view a summary of the Final Master Plan, click HERE.

*Note this is the Plan presented by the consultants based on their findings, what components and how the Plan is implemented will be determined by the community. *

What’s next for this project? The steering committee which was responsible for working with the consultants to develop the final master plan is looking for individuals with an interest, enthusiasm and commitment in the dam to create a Reimagining the Reservoir Committee. This committee will be responsible for analyzing and determining how the final plan will be implemented.

If interested in submitting an expression of interest to be apart of the committee please contact Kelsey Manske.

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